Insurance Brokerage Services

At Keith Eck Financial our team incorporates our client’s financial goals and objectives as well as the specific expertise of our strategic partners, to develop an insurance program tailored to their needs. No matter how much you plan and prepare for the future, undoubtedly there will be circumstances that you cannot predict. Insurance helps mitigate the damage when you find yourself in unexpected situations. As insurance brokers with access to multiple products, we will help you decide which insurance products are most appropriate for you and fit best into your overall financial plan. Together, we will help you successfully plan for life events, as well as prepare for the unexpected.

Insurance is complicated and to be fully understood requires detailed analysis. The numerous components of insurance are the most often misunderstood pieces of a financial, business, or estate plan.

Our Process involves:

  1. Needs Analysis
  2. Policy Review
  3. Insurance Carrier Financial Strength Analysis
  4. Policy Funding Strategies
  5. Policy Disposition Options 
  • Comprehensive Life Insurance Programs
  • Buy/Sell Funding Strategies
  • Key Person Insurance Strategies
  • Key Employee Programs Disability Income Strategies
  • Personal Disability Income
  • Business Overhead Disability Income
  • Business Buy-Out Long Term Care Insurance